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Belgian work horses

Aurora Mountain Farm is a small farm in the Yukon. The Rudge family (Tom, Simone, Claire and Graham) grow certified organic vegetables, grain for baking and cereal, and feed for the beef/milk cows, heritage pigs, cashmere goats, Belgian horses and laying hens.

It's amazing the power available from a willing and enthusiastic horse! Tutshi and Tat sure look gorgeous harnessed up and ready to work.

Why Should You Choose Organic Meat?

Besides our certified organic vegetable and grain crops, we also raise free-range chickens for meat. The demand for locally raised free-range birds is very high. We start in March taking orders with deposits of $15/chicken and are often sold out by the time the chicks arrive. In 2011, we finally found a source for the chicks we were looking for. These chickens were bred to be raised on pasture and are a combination of several heritage meat breeds. We'll be raising two batches again this year ready to be butchered in mid-July and mid-August. To reserve yours, send us an email, or during the summer market season, come visit at the Fireweed Community Market in Shipyards Park on Thursday between 3 and 8 pm.

The chicks will spend their first three and a half weeks in an inside enclosure with a propane brooder to keep them warm. When they start getting their true feathers, we move them to the outdoor pen on the hay field. Chickens are naturally forest dwellers so they really enjoy a place with some kind of cover to provide shelter and shade. Netting and tarp over the top protects them from hawks.

Butchering day helps build a strong sense of community as neighbours and farming friends get together to share in the work. Since all our meat is sold "farm gate", customers come out to the farm to pick up their orders. Many of our customers participate in butchering day to share in that sense of community as well as become more connected with where their food comes from.

Freedom Ranger chick


In the spring of 2009, three pigs joined the farm. Tasha and Boris, the Tamworths and Fiona, a first generation cross: Large English Black & Tamworth. We now have offspring from these originals, plus a new boar, Dolce producing lovely red and black piglets.

There is nothing that compares to the taste of pork raised outside with a varied diet. Our pigs enjoy peaches, tomatoes and other fruits and veggies as well as grass, hay, and a grain mixture made up of locally grown barley with an organic protein concentrate.

Free-range, heritage breed pork by the side or whole. We're taking orders now. A deposit of $250/side is requested. You can come and pick it up at the farm, or we'll deliver for you to be cut and wrapped in town.

After working for many years to increase our production of beef, in 2013, we decided that it just doesn't make economic sense here. Instead, we've partnered with the Bradleys from Pelly River Farm where growing hay is much more feasible. They'll grow them up and bring them to the farm ready for butchering. You can reserve yours with a deposit of $500/side.

These cows and their calves spend from June until late fall grazing a wide variety of browse along with fresh grass. During the winter, they're fed homegrown hay. Between leaving Pelly River and getting to your freezer, they'll be fed hay from neighbouring farms as well as our own.

Taste the difference - try locally raised grass-fed beef!


Fireweed Jelly Label

We make a wide selection of jam, jelly and marmalade from locally harvested herbs and berries: Yukon Cranberry, Rhubarb Saskatoon, and Mountain Blueberry Jam; Raspberry and Rhubarb Marmalade; Chokecherry, Yarrow, Dandelion, Highbush Cranberry, and our best seller - made with the Yukon's territorial flower - Fireweed Jelly.

Our preserves are available at several locations including Midnight Sun Gallery and Gifts, Bean North Coffee Roasters, and the Yukon Made Store in Shipyards Park.


We make three types of goatmilk soap: Unscented, Fireweed scented with geranium oil and lavender, and Takhini Mud containing mineral clay and scented with ylang-ylang, patchouli and clary sage. All our soaps are made with olive oil, rendered fat from our own farm, and coconut oil along with goat milk. Goat milk is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals and very nourishing for your skin.

The soap is hand-cut into bars that each weigh over 100 grams which, after curing, are wrapped in a strip of brown paper and labelled. Cold-processed soaps like these retain the glycerin that is naturally produced by the soap making process which results in a soap that is very gentle on your skin, lathers well and lasts a long time.

You can buy our handmade soap at the Yukon Made Store or at the weekly summer Fireweed Community Market in Shipyards Park.


goatmilk soap


Combed Cashmere GoatWinter cashmere

Spring is a busy time as each of the cashmere goats are combed for their underdown which is spun into beautiful, soft cashmere yarn.

This cute little guy on the left is Matthew. He's already had his thick winter coat combed out and is looking very svelte. Emma, munching on some oats, is much fluffier in her winter down coat.

Cashmere has the well-deserved reputation for being one of the softest and warmest fibres - as well as being exceptionally beautiful. Try it yourself! It is a real treat for hand spinning.

The 2012 combings will be blended with fine, white merino at the Twisted Sisters Mill in RollyView, Alberta. As soon as we get it back from the mill, the yarn and roving will be available at the Yukon Made Store in Shipyards Park.

New this winter are warm winter mittens and hats made from cashmere hide and leather from our own herd.

Occassional meat goats are available in the fall. We're taking bookings now for the fall 2013 herd maintenance cull.


Handspun wool and alpaca yarns, hand-knit items, and drop spindle kits are available at the Yukon Made Store in Shipyards Park.

Custom spinning of pet fur or other fibres is available. Want to see what it might be like? For $20, I will wash, pick, card, spin and ply a 20 yard sample. If you decide you like it, the charge for additional spinning is $0.20 per yard for undyed skeins.

bobbin of forest glade

Season Extenders

A large vegetable garden grows enough vegetables for our family as well as to sell at the local Fireweed Community Market each Thursday evening from 3 to 8 pm in Shipyards Park in Whitehorse.

We use many season extending tricks like the hoop covers (shown here with neighbouring farmers Susan and Brian) to allow us to produce vegetables from mid June until well into September. By covering the soil right after seeding, the seeds can germinate more quickly in the warm soil.

Carrot seeds can take as long as three weeks to germinate in cold soil although they can tolerate cooler temperatures once they're out of the ground. A cloth row cover under the hoops will help them germinate quickly so the plant can spend more time storing energy in sweet, juicy roots.

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