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Dark of the Moon - What's Up Yukon

Graham writes a bi-weekly article for What's Up Yukon magazine. His column is called "Life on the Farm" and highlights whatever event is currently going on in our farm or household. Food issues, community work bees, farm chores or just life off the grid from a teenage perspective.

Recently, Graham, along with Shelby Holt, appeared on the front cover of the magazine for their roles in a community theatre production at the Guild Hall. The play is a gothic, Appalachian love story called Dark of the Moon.

His "Life on the Farm" article in this issue is about signing up for classes at the local high school - F.H. Collins. Graham has been homeschooled since grade 3 although he participated in a semester of MAD (music, art and drama) last year and will do so again this year.

(September 28, 2007)

In order to do justice to the weird and wacky character Graham invented and played in the Haunted House put on by the MAD students at the Wood Street Centre, he shaved his head completely in October 2006.

(October, 2006)


Graham's 15th birthday

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